Providing Added Value to Our OEM Customers

Trinity Machined Products, a subsidiary of Wozniak Industries, provides high quality machining services to the Wozniak conglomerate’s OEM customers.


To meet the needs of the global market for high volume, cost-effective machined products, Trinity Machined Products is continually growing to enhance and expand capacity. 

TMP Manufacturing


TMP’s commitment to constant improvement and reinvestment in their manufacturing equipment and physical plants enables us to compete globally and provide clients with better quality and greater program value.

TMP Engineering


Our customer-oriented approach includes a lean focus on product designs, and our engineering staff’s expertise in design programs like AutoCad, ProE, and SolidWorks, and CNC programming through software like MasterCam and Esprit, enables creative, cost-effective solutions for every project we produce.

TMP Materials


TMP’s collaborative relationships with domestic and international steel mills enable cost-effective procurement of materials, and expedited orders are possible through their network of warehouse sources to meet even the most demanding production schedules.

Your Industry, Our Expertise

We specialize in the manufacture of drive train components, flanged axles, tubing, and other diverse products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across a variety of market segments.


Our primary products include pinions, shafts, flanged axles, oil and gas pipe along with horizontal directional drilling tubes.

Made in the USA
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